sewing with a purpose

last year i decided to take on a new hobby…yes, another one. i wanted to learn how to sew. i knew a few things from growing up with a mother who made most of my clothes…along with matching dresses for my dolls I might add. basically, i knew the basics. i got an older model sewing machine that i didn’t enjoy sewing on so it sat in my closet for most of the year. i used it a few times to sew wine bags for hostess gifts but that was it. then my mom surprised me recently with a new sewing machine…


 which meant i could start to sew again…and on a machine that wasn’t from the 70’s. before i began, i wanted to create an area where i could sew or craft and have everything on hand. so i created a sewing nook with a little help from ikea…


 once that was finished i decided on my first sewing project. i decided to do a blanket for project linus. project linus is a national organization that collects handmade blankets and distributes them to children in hospitals, shelters, and social service agencies. i figured this would be the perfect project…if my seams weren’t even then the children wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t even care. it took me a while (ok, a very long while) and some help from my mom and sister to finish it but i did it.



and i was quite pleased with myself. i hope some little boy or girl is comforted by it as much as i enjoyed making it!

to donate a blanket to a project linus chapter in your state click here.



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