i did it!


for the past six months i’d been training for an event that was making me nervous and excited all at the same time. that event was a half marathon…the one america 500 festival mini-marathon. it’s the largest mini-marathon in the nation which was the reason for the mixed emotions. i was nervous about the distance; i was excited about the people; i was nervous about participating in such a big event; i was excited to run my first half marathon. my family came to support and cheer me on during the race which made me a little less nervous that morning. the race started and my stomach was in a knot. i kept thinking how am i going to run 13.1 miles?! then mile two came and i thought i can do this! i reached the half way point at the indianapolis motor speedway and i was on a runner’s high. i thought i can do this no problem…maybe i can even do a marathon?! (i’ve rethought this idea). the track was an amazing experience. we ran the entire track and got to cross the brick finish line. there were so many people cheering us on…outside their homes, outside their businesses, on street corners, on sidewalks. there were bands, singers, djs, dancers, cheerleaders, news stations, and helicopters! it all made the running more enjoyable. well, then mile eleven came and i felt like i was beaten. i didn’t think i could go any further but i said “abigail, you just ran eleven miles, you can do two more!” so i continued on. then the finish line came into sight. yes! as i was approaching that checkered flag finish line i heard people screaming my name, i turned to the sidelines and there was my family cheering me on! i crossed the finish line with such an adrenaline high…it was an amazing feeling! all my training paid off and i finished with a time of 2:13:50. bring on the next race!

race6 race4

race2 race1




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