diy polish box


i decided to do some de-cluttering and organizing in the new year. i feel like I’m pretty organized but i could be better…maybe with prettier and matching boxes, containers, and totes. i decided to start in my bathroom. i love cosmetics…lip glosses, lotions, bronzers, nail polishes. i have a zillion nail polish colors but i just have them neatly placed thrown in a basket. i can never remember what colors i have and they are so disorganized that i have to empty them all out just to find a color. ugh! now they are all organized and i can easily see what colors i have…(insert singing angels from above!)


  • sturdy shoe box
  • wrapping paper
  • spray adhesive
  • white labels
  • hole punch

paint a line of each color of nail polish on a white label.

once the polish has completely dried, use a hole punch to punch out circles from the painted labels.

apply the punched circles to the top of the corresponding nail polishes.

using spray adhesive, wrap your shoes box with wrapping paper, wall paper, scrapbook paper, or fabric. to give your box a little flare, use two different prints…one for the lid and one for the box. using a spray adhesive instead of tape gives it a more polished look without the tape showing.

add your polishes to the box and feel fantastic that you’ve just organized a small but important part of your life!



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