beauty in a box


recently i stumbled upon this once a month gem via mail. for only $10 a month birchbox will send you samples (but some can be full size!) of some of the latest and greatest beauty products.


this month the box contained chapstick hydration lock, bain de terra macadamia oil nourishing shampoo & conditioner, pop beauty aqua lacquer lip gloss, and ruffian nail lacquer. so far i’ve used the shampoo&conditioner and lip gloss. i loved the shampoo & conditioner. they both smelled amazing and my hair had more bounce to it…it didn’t feel weighed down. i also loved the lip gloss…mainly for the bright pink color! it has a plumping effect to it so it made my lips tingle for a few minutes after application. overall, everything in the box was a great beauty find and i’m happy for it only being $10.




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