graditude: part 15


this is my last 365 things i’m grateful for update! one year has come and gone. time sure does fly when your having fun! i’ve learned to look at the bright side of every day and situation by doing this little challenge. mentally, i’m sure i will continue to do this daily…it’s become a habit now!

  • paid sick days
  • post-it notes
  • color
  • knowing that everything happens for a reason
  • patients who are on time
  • hotels
  • pizza rolls
  • gps
  • my gym
  • time with my girlfriends
  • my fashion friday photographer, melissa
  • northside nights week
  • being spontaneous
  • being able to sleep in until 10am
  • easy mondays
  • draino
  • groupon
  • daily devotions
  • a drama free life
  • my 5k runner buddies, natalie and michelle
  • days were i don’t get out of my pjs
  • not having to take the interstate to and from work
  • other people’s blogs
  • the mistakes i’ve made in my life to help me learn
  • the sense of touch
  • having good health insurance
  • hospitality of others
  • knowing that the right thing to do isn’t always the easiest thing to do and doing it anyway
  • taste buds
  • my family…(i know this is a repeat but i am so grateful to be blessed with them)
  • my immune system
  • my amazing co-workers
  • full service car washes
  • being alive!

what are you grateful for in your life?



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