sharpie art


it’s that time of year where all you need to keep warm is a nice hot beverage. and what better way to drink that tea (or coffee or cocoa or spiked cider) than in a personalized mug. this diy project is cheap, fun, and easy. and you may even already have everything at home…which would make it free!


  • cheap ceramic mug (the cheaper the better…the expensive mugs have a higher quality glaze which doesn’t allow the marker to adhere to the mug very well.)
  • oil based sharpies (or ceramic markers)
  • rubbing alcohol

first clean your mug with rubbing alcohol where you are going to draw your design. do not touch this area with your fingers after you have cleaned it…it needs to be oil free.

now have fun and start drawing your design on your mug. practice on paper first if you are a perfectionist like myself.


 finally place your finished mug in the oven and turn on to 450º. do not preheat your oven first. you want the mug to gradually heat up to prevent cracking. let mug bake for 30minutes.

after 30minutes turn off the oven but do not remove the mug. you want the mug to gradually cool to prevent cracking.

once cool, remove mug and you have a masterpiece!



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