a day at the downs

 wpid-IMG_20131001_144248.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_144457.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_144552.jpg

wpid-IMG_20131001_145948.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_144335.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_145948.jpg

wpid-IMG_20131001_145000.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_152305.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_145222.jpg

my first trip to the horse track was an adventure. i thought i was going for a birthday party but ending up stuffing myself with fried green tomatoes. a few weekends ago i went to indiana downs to celebrate a birthday and bet on a few races. since it was my first time i was really excited. after being taught and fully understanding the odds and different bets, i put some money on a few races and then went outside to watch the horses kick up some dust. after one of races we even got to have our picture taken with the winning horse since we were there for a birthday. in the meantime, my good friend, kole, was signing us up for an eating contest…a fried green tomato eating contest. i’m not a green tomato fan but thought what the heck, i might be able to win this. that was until the first five seconds into the contest. the cowboy at the end of the table had three of his eight fried green tomatoes eaten before i could even get my first one down. so i didn’t win the eating contest or big money but i had a fantastic day with friends…and i got a free t-shirt.



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