it’s a race

wpid-IMG_20130911_121447.jpg wpid-IMG_20130911_121352.jpg wpid-IMG_20130911_204726.jpg wpid-IMG_20130911_121616.jpg wpid-20130831_101324.jpg wpid-IMG_20130911_121259.jpg

over labor day weekend i ran in the run or dye race. it was my first 5k so i was nervous and excited at the same time. my goal was to finish at a decent pace…and to finish! I ran with a friend of mine, natalie, and her mother, michelle, who are both runners and have run in numberous races. throughout the race clouds of dyed cornstarch were thrown at you or into the air to run through to dye your skin, hair, and clothes. it was like running through a rainbow! the more color you had at the end of the race the better.

we ran at the indianapolis motor speedway…which was a challenge once we got onto the actual track with its slope. about half way through we got to cross the actual finish line of the track where the drivers kiss the bricks. i wanted to stop to take a picture of me kissing the bricks but I didn’t want to ruin my time. my pace was 10:53 so i was just happy it was under 11. i had a few set backs during my training and i was beginning to think i wouldn’t be able to run in this 5k. i had a sprained ankle and then i had a knee problem on the same leg. geeze! so i was glad that i was able to run and run without a problem.

happy running!



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