rolling on the river

i went kayaking over the weekend with my sister and nephew at green acres canoe. it was my first time kayaking so i was a little nervous. ok, if you ask my sister and nephew they would say i was more than a little nervous. my major fear was i would flip over. my fear was completely irrational because i know how to swim! once we had been in the water for a few minutes, i relaxed and started to become a pro. it was easy and so much fun! there are two trips you can take down the whitewater river. you can choose the three mile or the eight mile trip. you can go by tube, kayak, canoe, or raft. we decided on the three mile trip since it was our first time. once you get dropped off at your entry site you are on your own. you can go as fast or as slow down the river as you want. there are even several beaches to stop at to rest or even have lunch since coolers are permitted. (you can even bring adult beverages with you in those coolers!) the scenery was beautiful with the wildlife, trees, and open skies. we are already planning another trip for next month with our entire family. i can’t wait!

wpid-IMG_20130722_100024.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_101717.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130722_100624.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_100108.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_095827.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_100047.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_095748.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_101016.jpg wpid-IMG_20130722_100513.jpg



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