gratitude: part 12


my nephew has enlisted in the military…the air force to be exact. he is at boot camp right now in texas and will graduate in august. in last week’s update from his mom on how he was doing, she said that he was allowed to listen to music for a day and he was so excited about it. he said you don’t realize how much you take for granted in your life. this is so true…from the small things like music to the big things like your family. i am so proud of him for making the decision to sacrifice these things in his life so we can have our freedom…which we should be grateful for every day. we are thinking and praying for you garrett!
and here is another update on the 365 things i’m grateful for

  • waking up to sunshine
  • stress-free days
  • body bronzer
  • hour and a half lunches
  • half days of work
  • electricity
  • my caring, patient, hard-working father
  • reading books outside in the sunshine
  • summer dresses
  • fuchsia lipstick
  • cvs stores…(the people who know me are probably surprised I’m just now putting this one on here)
  • quick oil changes
  • days by the pool
  • sunday brunch
  • at home workouts
  • wedge sandals
  • ice cold water
  • advise from friends
  • italian food
  • laughter
  • parades
  • slow mornings at work
  • being able to have religious freedom
  • gut feelings
  • fireworks
  • shopping with friends
  • the feeling of warm rays of sunshine on my face
  • my nephew who joined the military to fight for our freedom and keep us safe

what are you grateful for today?



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