it’s magic

what’s the worst thing that you have to do in the kitchen when cooking? no, not dishes…but that does rank right up there. i’m talking about peeling garlic! uh! i had to peel garlic last week for this recipe and almost threw my cutting board at the stove because i was so irritated at the garlic. silly i know, but seriously! after all was said and done i find this magical trick on pinterest on how to peel your fresh garlic. it goes like this:

1. place the head of garlic on your countertop.


2. smash the garlic by pressing down on it with the palm of your hand or a wooden object like a bowl or another cutting board thus separating the cloves.


3. take the garlic, skins and all, and place into any container that has a lid or use two bowels placed together. then shake vigorously for 10 seconds.


4. pour everything out of the container onto your cutting board.


5. pick out the cloves of garlic that are now magically skinless.


now you are ready to start cooking…instead of throwing objects around your kitchen and cursing the garlic.



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