gratitude: part 11


another update on the 365 things i’m grateful for

  • hot showers
  • the feeling of butterflies in my stomach
  • my memory
  • being able to sit outside for lunch
  • my sister
  • cvs minute clinic
  • my amazing, wonderful and beautiful mother
  • days where i have nothing on my agenda
  • ice packs
  • my packing ability
  • amazing airplane pilots
  • girls’ trips
  • pools
  • my apartment
  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • naps with my kitty
  • portable speakers
  • music
  • tapas
  • flea markets
  • cookouts
  • cooking partners
  • living in a technology advanced world
  • microwave meals
  • eating dinner outside
  • umbrellas
  • festivals
  • smell of fresh cut grass
  • flavored water
  • cool breezes
  • ankle braces
  • drive-thru car washes
  • frozen yogurt
  • farmer’s market
  • friends getting together to support a good cause

what are you grateful for today?



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