a few weeks ago I went to vegas. before i went i searched high and low for a cute cover-up. do you know how hard it was to find a cover-up? difficult would be correct. every place was sold out of my size or had no cute ones. since i was having no such luck, i decided i would just make my own. so off I went on a search for fabric now. i wanted the fabric to be a silk blend so it would have a lot of movement and flow. i found the perfect material but since it was silk, sewing would be a little tricky. and since i’m not an expert on the machine just yet, i decided to use heat n’ bond hem iron-on adhesive to get the perfect hem. genius!


  • fabric*
  • rotary cutter and board
  • heat n’ bond hem iron-on adhesive
  • iron


cut the fabric to the width and length you desire with the rotary cutter, the ending fabric should be rectangular in shape.

lay fabric out flat and place a strip of heat n’ bond along the edge. it’s easier to work in small segments.


fold fabric over heat n’ bond and iron.


repeat on all four edges.

holding onto two corners with the longest part wrapped around your body, tie in a knot off to the side. this cover-up can be worn around the chest or waist. now head to the pool and enjoy the sun!…but don’t forget your sunscreen.

*note: amount of fabric depends on your body size. i used 1 1/4 yard of fabric.



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