gratitude: part 10


i can’t believe that i’m half way through the 365 things i’m grateful for in my life. i feel like i just started this yesterday!

  • being able to drive
  • other people’s arms i can bury my head into during scary movies
  • flavored water
  • my couch to 5k training app
  • meeting new people
  • dinner and drinks with an old friend
  • butterfly exhibits
  • light weight running shoes
  • surprise flower deliveries
  • panera bread frontega chicken sandwhich
  • workout partners
  • mcdonald’s ice cream cones
  • the green grass
  • pandora radio
  • lunch with my family
  • walgreens photo app
  • lunch dates
  • chirping birds
  • having the feeling of safety
  • windowless rooms when sleeping in
  • forgiveness
  • big warm hugs
  • free music downloads
  • washing machines
  • my trainer
  • my Sonicare toothbrush
  • strangers who give compliments
  • 24 hour grocery stores
  • mexican restaurants

What makes you grateful?



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