diy ombre art


i’m in the process (a very long process it seems like) of making a gallery wall in my living room. my theme is all art work, no photographs. so i decided i would try making my own art for a few of the frames to cut down on cost. i have been seeing the ombre art work with paint samples on pinterest for a while now. i really liked this idea because it was cheap…paint samples are free! i didnt have enough paint samples on hand but I had plenty of scrapbook paper stuffed away in my craft closet. so my idea was born! use scrapbook paper graduating from light to dark (0r vise versa) to create the same ombre look. it worked just as well as the paint samples so i’m one happy low-budget crafter right now!


  • scrapbook paper in same color scheme
  • circle craft punch
  • craft bond stick
  • frame



cut a piece of scrapbook paper the size of your frame.

use the craft punch to cut circles out of the scrapbook paper.


glue each circle onto the cut out piece of scrapbook paper from lightest to darkest color (or vise versa).


let dry for an hour and then place in the frame.


now hang on your gallery wall and enjoy!



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