sophia’s story


last week was my fur baby’s 1st birthday. happy birthday sophia! i got sophia from the humane society this past january when she was 9 months old. she was surrendered to the shelter along with 15-20 other cats because her owner could no longer take care of her. she was at the shelter for about three weeks before i found her. the reason i decided to adopt from the humane society was because of this little fact:

The humane society of the united states estimates that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of whom approximately 3-4 million are euthanized.

this breaks my heart! millions of animals have no home and no one to love them. so this is why i will always adopt an animal from a shelter. it is so easy too. i went online to my local humane society and searched the current cats at the shelter. i found one (sophia of course) and called to let them know i wanted to meet with her. after meeting with her i instantly wanted to take her home so we started the adoption process. i filled out the adoption forms, paid a fee, and the next day she was mine! the staff was very friendly and caring. every time i had a question they quickly answered it. they will even pay for your animal to be spayed or neutered if they haven’t been and any medications that they need if they became sick within 30 days. the humane society does more than take in homeless animals to be adopted. they offer pet care resources and low-cost animal spay and neutering to animals outside the shelter. and they support animal advocacy by aiding in the fight to stop animal cruelty and neglect and shutting down puppy mills.

sophia has brought so much joy into my heart and life! i am so happy i was able to rescue her and show her the love that all animals need. click here to donate to the humane society so they can continue to save more lives like sophia’s.




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