gratitude: part 9


another update on the 365 things i’m grateful for in my life…

  • my college education
  • getting done with work early
  • the snooze button
  • being able to “get lost” in a book
  • having fridays off
  • aspirin
  • the people god has put in my life
  • the sunshine
  • having a wonderful childhood
  • bookstores
  • artichoke paninis
  • my ability to laugh at myself
  • my funny friends
  • music
  • etsy
  • amazing hair washes by my hair stylist
  • sunking cream ale
  • vudu television
  • spending time with my family
  • Jesus Christ
  • bubble baths
  • mini bottles of wine
  • girl talk
  • being able to do my blog
  • dreams
  • randomness
  • days without winter jackets

what are you grateful for today?



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