i have wanted a succulent garden for quite some time now but never got around to going to lowe’s to pick them out and get the supplies. well, over the weekend i ran into cvs with my sister and guess what they had on sale next to the cash register? succulents! it was fate! so i grab a few (three for me and one for nephew who had to have one) and started thinking about where i could plant them. i thought this glass container i already had would be perfect for my new little succulents. now i have my cute little indoor garden to admire every day!


  • arrangement of succulents
  • glass container with wide opening (a wide opening is recommended to prevent accumulation of moisture)
  • gravel/rocks
  • cactus mix soil or a fast-draining soil that retains little moisture



place a 2-inch layer of gravel/stone on the bottom of container; this provides water drainage for the soil.


place a layer of soil over the gravel/stones.


remove plants from temporary pots and place roots in soil.


add a small amount more of soil around the plants to stabilize them.


now place your succulents in a sunny room and enjoy!

here are a few tips on caring for your succulents:

  • give the terrarium direct sunlight every day for at least five or six hours
  • water the terrarium every two weeks after watering, there should not be more than an inch of water visible in the gravel/stone at the bottom
  • fertilize only in the summer (may through september)
  • use half the fertilizer indicated on the box’s instructions every other watering



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