snow fun


I’m not really a cold weather person but I love our annual family snow tubing trip to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Every year we bundle up in long johns and thick socks and hit the snow. This year the weather was perfect. It was sunny and 48°. Last year we unfortunately picked the coldest day of the year to go…19° and windy! Burrr! There are three snow tubing hills with multiple lanes on each hill to tube down. There is the regular hill, express hill, and super hill. The express hill is the fastest and by far the most fun. You can go down any hill by yourself or with a group. The more people you have the faster you go so I like going down with three or more people. Every year we all go down as a group at least once. This year we had ten people…and I couldn’t stop screaming! I really wanted to video tape us going down but my family advised me not to since I have a tendency of dropping my phone while I’m standing still. Another fun thing to do is race each other down the hill. The boys seemed to really enjoy this. If you need a break or just need to warm your fingers and toes there are outdoor fire pits to huddle around. Or there is an indoor tent that has hot chocolate if you want to get real nice and toasty. We normally only tube for about two hours…which is perfect. But you can  buy lift tickets for two hours, four hours, or all day. So grab your snow boots and get out there and enjoy the snow!

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