penny art


Everyone always has loose change lying around their homes in fifty plus different places…on the dresser, in the laundry room, on the entryway table. Instead of stashing it away for a summer vacation (because who needs a vacation, right?), make some art work with it. Now gather up all your pennies and get started!


  • Paper mache letters
  • Pennies (I used about $2 worth of pennies for all three letters.)
  • Glue of your choice (I used Gorilla Glue.)
  • Copper acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Clear spray paint

Start by painting your paper mache letters copper. I did two coats of paint.

While the paint on the letters is drying, pick out the “good” (or shiny) pennies.

Lay the pennies out on each letter in the pattern you like before you glue them down. This ensures you will get the exact placement you want while gluing.

Then glue the pennies one by one onto each letter.

Let each letter dry for 24 hours. 

Spray each letter with clear spray paint to give it a glossy finish. This will also protect the pennies from tarnishing.


Finally hang them on the wall, put them on a bookshelf, or do what ever creative thing you have in mind!



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