is my price right?

“Come on down! You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right!” Last week a few of my girlfriends and I went to The Price Is Right Live show. It was just like the tv show minus Drew Carey. The host of the traveling show is entrainment personality and tv game show host Todd Newton. And if you ask me I thought he did a better job than Drew Carey does on the tv show…but I’m not a Hollywood executive so what do I know! A few weeks before the show we started quizing each other on product prices and about the different games. We were ready! All the games where there…Plinko, Cliff Hanger, Hole In One. Even The Wheel was there along with the Showcase Show Down. Oh, the excitement! Unfortunately, none of us got to take that run down the aisle screaming at the top of our lungs and watch excitedly as the next item up for bid came out from behind the big red curtain. No fine china, no vacations, or no cars were won by us. But we had fun!

We even made t-shirts for the show with laugh out loud phrases on them. I put Bob Barker’s famous last words on the back of mine…

And what’s a live show without alcohol, right? So to the bar we went and guess what?…The alcohol came in these cute adult sippy cups..

Even though none of us got on stage to bid on a item, spin the wheel, and win a showcase, we had fun together…and we each got an adut sippy cup for future wine drinking!



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