bourbon town

A few weekends ago one of my good friends and I decided to pack a bag and head to Louisville, Kentucky. It was a spontaneous decision that turned out to be an “Epic” trip…as she likes to call it. We arrived in Louisville on Saturday afternoon and immediately began our adventure. We rode the trolley around downtown which was so much fun! It was both of ours first trolley ride. After some site seeing, we ate lunch at a small little mexican restaurant on Main Street called Los Aztecas. We then headed back to our hotel, Gault House Hotel, to look around and rest up before our night out on the town. The Gault House is the largest hotel in Louisville. It has a handful of cute little shops and restaurants on the second floor for light shopping and a quick bite to eat. In the sports bar there is a bird atrium and the actual bar top is a fish aquarium!…(pics below). The hotel also has a spectacular view of the Ohio River. Later that night we visited the hotel’s restaurant and lounge, Rivue, on the 25th floor to have a cocktail before dinner. The view of the river and city was amazing at night. And my Manhattan was amazing! It was probably the best I’ve had to date. We then meet up with our other friend, who was playing in a poker tournament across the river at the Horseshoe Casino, for dinner at Proof. Proof is in this swanky boutique hotel called 21C. It is an old historic building turned museum turn hotel. The food was outstanding! I had the scallops which were to die for! After dinner we decided to head to Fourth Street Live which is a street of bars…bar after bar after bar. We stopped at Markers Mark Bourbon House for a drink since I love me some bourbon. While we were there we decided to ask a few of the locals what was the best place in town to grab a drink with a cool atmosphere…(Fourth Street Live was a little too young for us.) We got two recommendations and set off to find these ultra cool places. The first place was Garage…and that’s just what it looked like. An auto service garage! It was really cool…the garage doors were up/open with people moving in and out with their drinks as they socialized with their friends, old and new. Even the decor fit the name of the bar…wooden tables, bar stools made out of welded metal, an old muscle car out front. After a few fantastic bourbon drinks (including one yummy concoction with bourbon and basil) we were on our way to destination number two…Meat. Meat is located in the Butchertown district of Louisville. After you walk into an unmarked door on the second story on the side of a building, you enter a hallway with meat cleavers and hooks hanging from the ceiling. At this point I’m thinking we made a mistake…until we rounded the corner and entered the dimly lit bar with exposed brick. The atmosphere and decor of this place was amazing! It was chill…(Am I too old to use that word?). Meat specializes in Prohibition era cocktails which sound way too complicated to make with all their ingredients (and some very strange ingredients including an egg) but were very, very tasty. We stopped off at a few other places towards the end of our night but none were as memorable as these two places. I enjoyed my time in Louisville so much that we are planning our second trip with more of our friends! 



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