your trash is my treasure

This past weekend was the Community Wide Yard Sales in my hometown of Vevay, IN. The yard sales were located all over the county which  has a total area of 223.44 square miles. That’s a lot of driving and a lot of yard sales! My mom, sister, and I go every year because we all love finding a bargain. Now we didn’t drive all over the county for each and every yard sale but we visited our fair share of them. No one was looking for anything in peculiar which I think makes it more fun. This way you have an open mind walking into each yard sale. When we would find something interesting we would ask each other “How can I Pinteresrt this?”. (You got to love Pinterest!) My sister found two end tables for $3 each that she is “Pinteresting” into night stands. $3!!! You can’t beat that! And I found a sewing machine for $15! I am so excited to start learning how to sew on it…get ready for lots of sewing posts in the future! Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

My mom and I looking for a bargain

My sister looking for a bargain

The most interesting item we saw

Looking at some old music tapes

My mom looking at a shelf

Cute little juice glasses I found for 25 cents

The sewing machine I found



5 thoughts on “your trash is my treasure

  1. It looks like you guys had a great time ! So excited for you that you found a sewing machine, can’t wait to be inspired with your projects….

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