oh baby, baby

One of my very good  friends is having her second baby and I am so excited for her and her growing family! Since this is her second baby, traditionally you aren’t suppose to have a baby shower so I decided to do something a little different creative. I’m throwing her a Onesie Party! At this party each guest will decorate a onesie for her to take home for the arriving bundle of joy. I got this idea from Moda The Cutting Table. I thought I would do a few before the party as examples for the guests. Click here to get the templates for these designs and more.


  • Onesies
  • Fabric
  • Steam-A-Seam
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


First choose your design or draw your own.

Trace your design in reverse onto the Steam-A-Seam (you want to trace on the side that DOES NOT easily pull away). *Your design must be traced or drawn backwards (mirror image) onto the Steam-A-Seam.* To do this you can draw it with a Sharpie or marker on a separate piece of paper, flip that paper over, and lay under the Steam-A-Seam to trace backwards.

Iron your piece of fabric to get the wrinkles out and to get it warm so the Steam-A-Seam will adhere better. Remove the liner from the Steam-A-Seam that pulls away easily. Then place the Steam-A-Seam (sticky side down) onto the WRONG side of your  fabric. Press down for 10 seconds until adhered to fabric.

Cut out your design.

Remove the back liner of the Steam-A-Seam from the fabric leaving the sticky side on the WRONG side of your fabric.

Position your design where you like onto your onesie and press down.

Iron the design onto the onesie for 10-20 seconds on the cotton setting.

Now give to the Mom-to-Be…or keep for your own little bundle of joy!



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