ice ice baby

I’ve become a bit of a wino lately. I love white wine, Mostco particularly. But I can’t seem to chill it as fast as I can drink it. (Do you think I might have a problem?) The fastest way to chill a glass of wine is to put  an ice-cube in it but then that just dilutes the wine…and why in the world would you want to dilute your alcohol?! Problem solved! These cute little plastic wrapped ice cubes have saved my wine (and my buzz)! Plus, they are washable and reuseable. Now I never have to worry about rushing home to put my just bought bottle of wine in the fridge so it will be chilled in time for my daily bottle of wine and celebrity gossip fest.



2 thoughts on “ice ice baby

  1. Love it ~ I am need of those for sure! I love my wine cold and my sisters always make fun of me for putting an ice cube in, it’s just not cold enough.
    Problem solved : )

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