We all remember sitting in our bedrooms as young kids girls making hundreds of friendship bracelets. We could knock out twenty in an evening with our eyes closed. The more we had on our arm the better! I have been seeing them everywhere now and wanted to update them with summer’s bright colores and shiney gold. You can find more patterns/designs for friendship bracelets at HonestlyWTF.

Friendship Bracelets


  • embroidery thread
  • safety pin or tape
  • gold ring
  • jewlery clasps
  • a pair of scissors
  • ruler


Start by cutting four strands of embroidery thread at about 30 inches each. Fold two of the strands in half and pull the loop through the ring.  Fold it over the ring and pull the rest of the cord through the loop. Repeat on the oppisite side of the ring. Tape it to a flat surface or safety pin it to a pillow. Sepearate the strands.

Start on the left side with the first strand and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the second strand.  Loop it under and back through the opening. Pull up and to the right to tighten. Repeat the knot once more. Continue knotting over each strand, towards the right, until the first strand is now the last. Make sure to knot twice over each strand. Repeat until it is the desired lenght. Repeat with the strands on oppisite side of the ring.

Secure each end with a knot. Attach the jewlery clasps to each end with a knot and cut off excess thread. Secure each knot with a dab of superclue if desired.

                                                                                                                                                                       Stack with other friendship bracelets and bangles. Now enjoy your new arm candy!!!



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