reduce, reuse, recycle

I recently moved and had a ton of boxes waiting to be recycled. I thought to myself (mainly because I was being too lazy to take them to the recycling center) “What project could  I do with all these boxes?”. Then I remembered a Pin I had pinned on Pinterest…Thank you Pinterest! It was a recycled cardboard cat scratching pad from Designsponge. So I began making Penelope her very own ‘green’ scratching pad.

Recycled Cat Scratching Pad


  • cardboard boxes
  • masking tape and glue
  • Exacto blade
  • ruler
  • decorative paper or fabric


1. Choose a height for the pad.

2. Measure and cut your cardboard in identical width strips. Cut so that the ridges in the cardboard are going horizontally across the strips.

3. Start rolling the cardboard (the cardboard will start to curl naturally). Tightly wind one strip into a circle and tape closed. This will be the core of your round.

5. Add a new piece and secure with masking tape. Choose which side will be the top and make sure that side is always even. It is less important if the other side is slightly uneven, it will still sit properly and the top will look perfect.

6. Keep adding! Tape each piece right next to the end of the last piece. Keep the coiling tight.

7. Cut your decorative fabric or paper to the same height. Wrap it around the outside and tape to secure.

8. Trace onto the fabric or paper the size of your pad and cut out the circle. Glue to the bottom so that if you choose to put catnip in it then it won’t spill through.

9. Put on the ground and sprinkle or spray with catnip so your kitty can enjoy!

Penelope doesn’t really know what to do with it right now but I’m hoping she will soon love it…considering all the time and effort I put towards her becoming a ‘green’ kitty!



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